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I figure I’ve tuned over 25,000 pianos in my life, and I’ve definitely become sensitized to the process. The stability of my tuning depends on setting the pin properly, and to do that I’ve spent 35 years developing pin sensitivity in my body. Finally, finally, Charles Faulk has made a tuning lever that frees me to use all of that experience. The Faulk carbon fiber/aluminum lever allows a level of pin perception and “micro” movement that is truly extraordinary, leading to more fun and less work, more “in-the-zone” moments and far less frustration. It’s the best tuning lever I’ve ever used by two or three orders of magnitude.”

~David Andersen

 CF-TR and CF-3 Tuning Hammers

The CF-TR and CF-3 tuning levers feature a threaded head/shaft connection that will allow you to change heads easily in the field. If you are a frequent tip changer, this design will be especially helpful. All you will need to do is to keep an extra head/tip assembly in your tool kit. You’ll be back to work in seconds! This design of the CF-TR features a tuning shaft that has an outer tube of titanium with an inner tube of carbon fiber for added strength and stiffness. The CF-3 has an ultra high modulus carbon fiber tune, 3/4″ width.  You will have a choice of 5, 10, or 15 degree tuning heads.

Important news: I’m happy to tell you that I’m introducing a new enhancement to my tuning hammers … Itoshin tips! Itoshin in a premium tuning tip from Japan that provides incredible tip-to-pin fit. From this point on, all my tuning hammers will be equipped with Itoshin tips. 



Black Walnut CF-LITE


Wood specie: Western black walnut
Length: 11 3/4″
Weight: 8.9 oz
Price: $340.00
Description: This is the first of a new model called CF-LITE. The lever is made with a high modulus 
carbon fiber tube with a .065″ wall thickness. This low mass lever can detect micro movements in the tuning pin. And yet the thin walled tube is remarkable strong. 

Mesquite CF-LITE


Wood species: Mesquite
Length: 12″
Weight: 10.9 ounces
Price: $350.00
Description: Mesquite is native to the desert areas of Texas and Arizona. It is “Lite” for this specie. 

SpectraPly “Black Velvet” CF-LITE


Wood species: SpectraPly “Black Velvet” composite
Length: 12 1/4″
Weight: 9.8 ounces
Price: $340.00
Description: SpectraPly is a laminate made with dyed veneers of birch. This LITE tuning hammer features a .065″ carbon fiber high modulus tube. It’s amazingly strong and responsive.

Spalted Maple CF-LITE

Wood: Spalted western maple
Length: 12 1/8″
Weight: 8.8 ounces
Description: Spalting occurs when the felled maple log lies on the ground for a long period. The log absorbs minerals from the earth leaving dark streaks on the wood. This wood handle is “hardened” to make the wood more durable. 

Shedua CF-LITE


Wood: Shedua
Length: 12 3/4″
Weight: 10.1 ounces
Price: $340.00
Description: Shedua is found mostly in SW Africa. A medium density wood with contrasting tan and brown coloring. 

Spalted Maple CF-3

Wood: Spalted Western maple.
Length: 12″
Weight: 9.1 ounces
Price: $387.00
Description: Another rare spalted, curly maple wood. The spalted area on the wide end of the lever 
been hardened. A real collector’s item.

Teak CF-TR

Wood: Asian teak
Length: 12″
Weight: 10.0 ounces
Price: $357.00
Description: Teak is noted for its resistance water rot and durability. For centuries, it was the wood of choice for ship decking. I’m not suggesting that you should throw this beauty into a vat of water, but just in case… 

Zebrawood CF-LITE


Wood: African zebrawood
Length: 12 5/4″
Weight: 9.1 ounces
Description: Found mostly in western Africa, it looks more like a lion’s mane than a zebra.

Red Canarywood CF-TR


Wood: Red canarywood
Length: 12″
Weight: 11.3 ounces
Price: $357.00
Description: Canarywood is a South American specie. Most pieces have a light yellow color, but this particular handle is closer to the core, thus, the red. 

Western Maple  CF-LITE

Wood: Western long leaf maple
Length: 12 1/4″
Weight: 8.5 ounces
Price: SOLD
Description: Rigid, low mass, reduced cost, and sensitive to micro movement in the tuning pins.




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