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I figure I’ve tuned over 25,000 pianos in my life, and I’ve definitely become sensitized to the process. The stability of my tuning depends on setting the pin properly, and to do that I’ve spent 35 years developing pin sensitivity in my body. Finally, finally, Charles Faulk has made a tuning lever that frees me to use all of that experience. The Faulk carbon fiber/aluminum lever allows a level of pin perception and “micro” movement that is truly extraordinary, leading to more fun and less work, more “in-the-zone” moments and far less frustration. It’s the best tuning lever I’ve ever used by two or three orders of magnitude.”
~David Andersen

 CF-TR Tuning Hammers

I’m introducing the new line of  CF-TR tuning hammers. These tuning levers feature a threaded head/shaft connection that will allow you to change heads easily in the field. If you are a frequent tip changer, this design will be especially helpful. All you will need to do is to keep an extra head/tip assembly in your tool kit. You’ll be back to work in seconds! This design features a tuning shaft that has an outer tube of titanium with an inner tube of carbon fiber for added strength and stiffness.  You will have a choice of 5, 10, or 15 degree tuning heads.

Announcement: At the age of 72, I’ve felt for a long time that I needed to pass this joyful business, this stroke of luck, to a younger person. But let me say at the outset of this paragraph, I’m not retiring! Well, not yet. I thought I’d wait until I got old! Anyway, this ‘younger person’ is my friend and colleague, Jacob Erwin. Jacob has all the enthusiasm and all the skill to take these tuning hammers to another level. I think most of you will know Jacob as part of the best piano rebuilding team in the country, Erwin’s Piano Restoration. So I’m happy to introduce some of Jacob’s work on this page. 

Important news: I’m happy to tell you that I’m introducing a new enhancement to my tuning hammers … Itoshin tips! Itoshin in a premium tuning tip from Japan that provides incredible tip-to-pin fit. From this point on, all my tuning hammers will be equipped with Itoshin tips. 


Red Narra CF-3

Wood specie: Asian red narra
Length: 13 1/2″
Weight: 12.1 oz
Price: $355.00
Description: Red narra is from the same tree that produces amboyna burl. This is a two part glue-up made from a longer slab. The halves are ‘bookmatched’ to look like mirror images.

Gold Narra CF-3

Wood specie: Gold narra
Length: 12 1/2″
Weight: 10.8 oz
Price: $335.00
Description: Gold narra comes from SE Asia. The wood is rather coarse grained; but, with multiple coats of polyurethane, the wood is smooth to the touch.

Western Maple CF-TR

Wood specie: Western long leaf maple
Length: 12 1/4″
Weight: 10.0 oz
Price: $325.00
Description: The best long leaf maple comes from Oregon. Notice the orange/red sap stain on the ball.

Black Walnut CF-TR by Jacob Erwin


Wood specie: Black walnut
Length: 11 5/8″”
Weight: 10.2 oz
Price: $325.00
Description: A black walnut lever with Jacob’s original touches. The shiny look is made with CA  finish, very durable and smooth.

Canarywood CF-3

Wood specie: Canarywood
Length: 13 3/8″
Weight: 12.1 oz
Price: $335.00
Description: Canarywood is a fairly plentiful wood in Central America. The photo doesn’t really show the mixture of yellow, red, and brown coloring as well as it should.  Note the length of this lever.

Sapele CF-3

Wood species: Sapele
Length: 13 1/2″
Weight: 10.3 ounces
Price: $335.00
Description: Sapele (pronounced sah-pee-lee) is also known as African mahogany.  It has a curly grain, and it’s rot resistant.

Padauk CF-TR


Wood species: African padauk
Length: 12 1/4″
Weight: 12.3 ounces
Price: $325.00
Description: An unusually dark red padauk lever. Padauk is a medium density hardwood with coarse grain.


SpectraPly “Crossbones” CF-TR

Wood species: SpectraPly “Crossbones”
Length: 12 ”
Weight: 11.4 ounces
Description: SpectraPly is a composite made up of dyed birch veneers laminated to form a block.  I like the Zen simplicity of two contrasting colors.

 Black Walnut CF-TR by Jacob Erwin

Wood species: Black Walnut
Length: 13″
Weight: 12.6 oz
Price: $325.00
Description: The long walnut handle accentuates the beauty of the wood.

Western Long Leaf Maple CF-TR by Jacob Erwin

Wood species: NorthWest  maple
Length: 11 7/8″”
Weight: 10.3 oz
Price: $325.00
Description: Another colorful western maple. Western maple has darker variegated colors. Uses a shiny CA finish.

SpectraPly “Safari” CF-TR by Jacob Erwin

Wood species: SpectraPly “Safari”
Length: 12 1/2″
Weight: 11.6 oz
Price: $325.00
Description: The good folks at Cousineau Wood Products like to give their colorful laminates a names suggestive of a setting. This apparently reminds them of lions and tigers (no bears), oh my. Beautiful vibrant blues and browns.

Gold Narra CF-TR

Wood species: Gold narra
Length: 12″
Weight: 10.9 oz
Price: $325.00
Description: Gold narra comes from SE Asia. It’s a bit lighter in weight than its cousin, red narra.

Zebrawood CF-TR

Wood species: Zebrawood or zebrano
Length: 12″
Weight: 11.3 oz
Price: $325.00
Description: Zebrawood is from Western Africa. It is a coarse grained wood; but, when it’s sanded, it has a smooth feel.

SpectraPly “Buckskin” CF-3

Wood: SpectraPly composite
Length: 12 1/4″
Weight: 10.4 oz
Price: $335.00
Description: SpectraPly is a composite made up of birch veneers dyed different colors. “Buckskin” has brown overtones reminding us of the Old West.

Zebrawood CF-3

Wood: African zebrawood
Length: 12 1/2″
Weight: 10.7 oz
Price: $335.00
Description: Also known as Zebrano,  this wood has gold and black coloring. Although, being a coarse grained wood, it sands out to a smooth finish.

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