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I figure I’ve tuned over 25,000 pianos in my life, and I’ve definitely become sensitized to the process. The stability of my tuning depends on setting the pin properly, and to do that I’ve spent 35 years developing pin sensitivity in my body. Finally, finally, Charles Faulk has made a tuning lever that frees me to use all of that experience. The Faulk carbon fiber/aluminum lever allows a level of pin perception and “micro” movement that is truly extraordinary, leading to more fun and less work, more “in-the-zone” moments and far less frustration. It’s the best tuning lever I’ve ever used by two or three orders of magnitude.”
~David Andersen

 CF-TR Tuning Hammers

I’m introducing the new line of  CF-TR tuning hammers. These tuning levers feature a threaded head/shaft connection that will allow you to change heads easily in the field. If you are a frequent tip changer, this design will be especially helpful. All you will need to do is to keep an extra head/tip assemblies in your tool kit. You’ll be back to work in seconds! This design features a tuning shaft that has an outer tube of titanium with an inner tube of carbon fiber for added strength and stiffness.  You will have a choice of 5, 10, or 15 degree tuning heads.

Announcement: At the age of 72, I’ve felt for a long time that I needed to pass this joyful business, this stroke of luck, to a younger person. But let me say at the outset of this paragraph, I’m not retiring! Well, not yet. I thought I’d wait until I got old! Anyway, this ‘younger person’ is my friend and colleague, Jacob Erwin. Jacob has all the enthusiasm and all the skill to take these tuning hammers to another level. I think most of you will know Jacob as part of the best piano rebuilding team in the country, Erwin’s Piano Restoration. So I’m happy to introduce some of Jacob’s work on this page. 

Important news: I’m happy to tell you that I’m introducing a new enhancement to my tuning hammers … Itoshin tips! Itoshin in a premium tuning tip from Japan that provides incredible tip-to-pin fit. From this point on, all my tuning hammers will be equipped with Itoshin tips. 



Bocote CF-TR

Wood specie: Bocote
Length: 12 1/4″
Weight: 12.7 oz
Price: $325.00
Description: Bocote is native to Mexico and Central America. It’s hard and dense, and the tan and black figure is outstanding.

SpectraPly “Autumn” CF-TR

Wood specie: SpectraPly “Autumn”
Length: 12 1/2″
Weight: 11.7 oz
Price: $325.00
Description: SpectraPly is a composite made up of dyed birch veneers. A beautiful combination of two earth tones.

Coffee SpectraPly CF-AR


Wood specie: “Coffee” SpectraPly
Length: 12 1/4″
Weight: 10.6 oz
Price: $335.00
Description: SpectraPly is a birch composite made with dyed birch veneers. The CF-AR model features a 7075 aluminum tube reinforced with carbon fiber both on the inside and the outside of the tube.

Mesquite CF-TR

Wood specie: Figured mesquite
Length: 12″
Weight: 11.8 oz
Price: $325.00
Description: Mesquite grows mainly in Texas and Arizona. This handle has elaborate figure, not often seen on this specie.

Coolibah Burl  CF-TR

Wood specie: Coolibah burl
Length: 12 5/8″
Weight: 13.9oz
Price: $345.00
Description: Coolibah is an Australian specie. This piece was cut from a large burl cap about 10 years ago. I almost threw it away because of all the deep checks in the wood. Finally I tried infusing the entire piece with water thin epoxy, twice. So the black stripes are actually epoxy filler. It was well worth the time and effort. By the way, if you haven’t noticed, this tuning hammer is heavy.

Ambrosia Maple CF-3


Wood specie: Ambrosia maple.
Length: 12 3/8″
Weight: 10.1 oz
Price: $335.00
Description: Ambrosia maple gets its name from the green, red discolorations caused by boring insects in the NorthWest. An odd irony, a beautiful configuration caused by an insect pest.

Ambrosia Maple CF-TR #2


Wood species: Ambrosia maple
Length: 12″
Weight: 10.0 ounces
Price: $325.00
Description: This ambrosia maple handle has no bore holes. But look at the colorful spalting!

Charcoal SpectraPly CF-3

Wood species:Charcoal SpectraPly
Length: 13 1/4″
Weight: 10.6 oz
Price: SOLD
Description: To add to the description of the CF-3, the shiny aluminum fitting has a robust .125″ wall and it weighs only about 1 ounce.

Arizona Ironwood  CF-TR

Wood species: Arizona ironwood
Length: 12″
Weight: 15.2 ounces
Price: $365.00
Description: I was lucky to find this ironwood at its source, Tucson, Arizona while I was attend last year’s convention there. A very rare and pricey wood … and HEAVY! But what sets it apart is the unusual gold and brown swirls in the grain.

Padauk  CF-TR by Jacob Erwin

Wood species: African padauk
Length: 12 1/4″
Weight: 11.7 ounces
Description: A rich red-orange padauk handle with a shiny epoxy finish. Jacob lends his own original interpretation to the shape with smooth transitions from end to end.

Padauk CF-TR #2

Wood species: African padauk
Length: 12″
Weight: 11.5 ounces
Price: $325.00
Description: A very dark, maroon red padauk handle. Normally padauk is a bright orange color, but this handle is well aged.

Zebrawood CF-TR by Jacob Erwin


Length: 12″
Weight: 10.8 oz.
Price: $325.00
Description: I decided to call this one “The Wasp”. It has a slender middle section with a full tear drop knob on the end. Clever!

Curly Walnut CF-3


Wood species: NW curly walnut
Length: 13″
Weight: 10.5 oz
Price: $335.00
Description: Another gorgeous wood from the folks at Gobi Walnut. I was lucky to find this. The wood has dark curls throughout. The CF-3 model features and all carbon fiber high modulus  3/4″ shaft.

Curly Maple CF-AR

Wood species: Western long leaf maple
Length: 12 1/2″
Weight: 10.3 oz
Description: This model , the CF-AR, features a 7075 aluminum tube reinforced with carbon fiber both on the inside and outside. The ball on the handle is a full 2 1/8″ in diameter making it comfortable to grasp on the end.

Bubinga CF-TR

Wood species: African bubinga
Length: 11 3/4″
Weight: 12.4 oz
Price: SOLD
Description: Bubinga is a member of the rosewood family. Its color goes from a pink violet to an orange red (like this one). The wood is dense and highly durable.


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